Anatomy of a brain

The Movement

The human brain.

It is – without a doubt – the defining aspect of our humanity, the central core and essence of what it means to truly be alive.

It’s what elevates us – and separates us – from every other form of life. It’s the single source of all the good that the human race has wrought – and yet, it’s also the incubator for all that has divided us.

But no matter who we are or where we’re from – whether we’re born into privilege or poverty, love or loneliness, optimism or oppression – we are equipped with the innate ability to think for ourselves. To uniquely perceive the world around us. And though our entire lives may revolve around establishing and bettering ourselves as individuals – this inalienable and shared gift of thought is the common characteristic that unites us all.

Our brain defines our individual personalities, our engagement, our social abilities, political leanings and spiritual connections. It uniquely colors our cognition, maintains our memories and is capable of solving crises both for individuals and collectives.

At the most fundamental level, it’s through our brains where we experience life.

And yet – what measures do we take to protect this greatest of resources? The human brain is not a passive vessel, some black box that receives and processes information in ways that can only later be decoded. We are not beholden to mental decline. We do not have to be who we are today. Our brains are dynamic. Adaptable. Flexible. Trainable.

And just as we’ve come to realize that we can better our bodies through diet and exercise, so too can we improve our own brain’s performance. To achieve such gains requires concerted and lasting effort. Brain health fitness is not a quick fix.

That is why I am launching the Brain Health Movement.

The goal is to inform and transform how people think and act about their brain health – daily. Spark innovation. Ignite increased brainpower and be a catalyst of realized hope for the future of families, communities and this nation. Brain performance is the most vital and urgent frontier to build a healthier, more economically productive society.

Make sure your best brain years are ahead of you and join the Brain Health Movement. Without brain health, you do not have health.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

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Former Dallas Cowboy Daryl "Moose" Johnston shares why he got involved with the BrainHealth Institute for Athletes and encourages other athletes to get a baseline of their brain function.

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